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Meet the dog who will show the world how to eat like a human

JustFoodForDogs prepares fresh meals made from human-grade ingredients approved by the USDA.

How JFFD Prepares Food

Healthy Foods  

Human-grade, USDA certified meats, vegetables and whole grains.

Cooked Fresh

Minimally cooked to maximize nutritional value.

No preservatives. Instantly frozen for optimal nourishment. 

Packaged Frozen

How It's Made

We cook fresh food in small batches by hand every day in open pet kitchens that you can visit.

Small Batches

Our recipes were created by a team of 10 veterinarians working to optimize for your dog's health. The only fresh pet food Proven Healthy By Testing In AAFCO Feeding Trials. 

#1 Vet Recommended Fresh Pet Food

Made fresh and instantly frozen for optimal nourishment.

No Preservatives