This New Kind of Food Can Change Your Dog's Life...Here's How

If your dog eats kibble they might be missing out on more energy, vitality, a healthier weight, improved allergies, and a longer life.


Do You Know What's Really in Your Dog's Kibble?

Preservatives & Additives

If a dog food with meat can sit on a shelf for months or years after being opened, chemical preservatives have been added to increase shelf life.

Fillers & Unnecessary By-products

Most processed dog food contains corner-cutting fillers, artificial flavors and cheap by-products to add empty calories and increase the volume.

Hyper-Processed Ingredients

Does your current dog food come in brown pellets but show images of whole foods on the bag? Processing and over-cooking has depleted most of the nutrients.

Reduced Quality Standards

Factories that produce “feed grade” products have loose safety standards that can lead to contaminated food and poor quality control.

Feed IS NOT Food

Dog food only has to meet “feed grade” standards, which is the food we feed livestock that typically only live for a few years.

Low Quality, Rendered Meat

Canned and dry dog food contain cheap bottom-of-the-barrel rendered meat and animal fats with very little real meat.

Your Dog Is Part of Your Family

They Deserve Real Food Too

With 10+ years of feeding studies and trials...our fresh dog food is scientifically proven to be better for your dogs long-term health and vitality.

Real Dogs Need Real Nutrition to Thrive

Here’s Just a Few Ways Fresh Food Can Help Your Pup Right Now…

Promote Immune System Health

The immune system plays a significant role in your dogs overall health, how often they get sick, and how good they feel on a day-to-day basis.

Fresh food will support your dog’s immune system by fueling their body with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Better Digestive Health

Our fresh food has been proven to be more digestible than standard kibble because of the quality of the ingredients.

Better digestibility means your dog is utilizing and absorbing the nutrients they’re eating, effectively reducing stool size, inflammation, and upset stomach.

Restore Energy & Vitality

If you have an aging (or ill) dog that doesn’t have the same energy and vigor they are used to, their diet might be the culprit.

Feeding your dog fresh food can fuel them with newfound vitality like when they were a puppy.

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‘Since he was a puppy, Baloo suffered from loose stools, lameness, and anxiety, and he could not gain weight. We moved him exclusively to JustFoodForDogs and now he’s a happy and healthy 72lb boy!”

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“It’s fun and exciting when you start seeing transformations like this.”

Weight Loss

Overweight dogs are often not getting the nutrients they need to feel full and function their best. 

Nourishing your dog with real food will help them eat less naturally without feeling hungry between meals.

Ready to Start Feeding Fresh?

We recommend our Sampler Variety pack so your pup can try our top 6 recipes:

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This Is What You Can Count on in Every Bowl of JustFoodForDogs

Real Wholesome Ingredients You Can See

Our recipes contain whole food ingredients you know & trust with zero processing.

No Unnecessary By-products or Fillers. Ever.

Every recipe is free of unhealthy fillers, preservatives and additives. Never worry about what’s in your dog's food again.

High Quality, Responsibly Sourced Protein

We go to great lengths to source the highest quality human-grade protein for your pup and never use low quality rendered meats and protein.

Gently Cooked in Open Kitchens You Can Visit

Our dog food is gently cooked in clean, open kitchens with the strictest standards for food safety to preserve the nutrients and deliver a product we know your dog will love.

Safe, Human-Grade Nutrition

We believe our dogs are part of the family and deserve real food, too. That’s why all of our ingredients are 100% human-grade and safe for people to eat.

Perfectly Balanced Meals by Expert Veterinarians

All of our recipes are carefully formulated to be perfectly balanced and support specific health needs so your dog can thrive.

What Makes Us the Best in Fresh?

This Is What Your Pup Has To Look Forward To:


More excitement at mealtime & a softer coat


More energy & better digestion (smaller stools)


Less allergies & improved weight


Fewer vet visits & reduced medication needs

Give Us Two Weeks to Change Your Dog's Life Forever

More Success Stories from Pet Parents Like You...

Manage Allergies

Some of the additives, preservatives and other “junk” in processed kibble can cause allergic reactions and severe discomfort.

Fresh food can also help with seasonal allergies by reducing inflammation.

“Bruno has suffered from skin allergies for much of his 10 years. After switching his diet, we noticed a difference immediately. JustFoodForDogs gave us our dog back. We believe that it literally saved his life.”

“Lady battled with Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA).  We thought we were going to lose her and now she’s better than ever, all because we’re feeding her real food.”

Support a Health Challenge

We are the #1 vet recommended fresh dog food brand because many of our pet parents start feeding fresh to help manage issues like IBD, renal problems and more. 

Solve Picky Eating

Is your dog a picky eater that gets bored with other food quickly? We’re so confident your dog is going to love these recipes that every meal comes with our “clean bowl or your money back” guarantee.

“Clio wouldn’t eat after an anxious stay at a kennel, then her pet parents put her on JustFoodForDogs. She quickly regained her appetite and feels like herself again.”

Bear Reached a Healthy Weight on JustFoodForDogs

Wolfgang Lost Weight When Nothing Else Worked

Baloo is Less Anxious & Energized Again

Have Questions About Fresh Dog Food?

Human food contains many critical vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are rarely found in kibble. Most kibble also contains low quality “feed grade” ingredients that are heavily processed and refined into powder before being over-cooked into the brown pellets that come in the bag.

For over a decade we’ve been testing and refining all of our recipes to find the perfect diet for our best friends. A well balanced diet containing many of the same foods we eat will give your dog the nutrients they need to thrive at any age.

JustFoodForDogs will always be the most affordable fresh food on the market thanks to our mission based pricing.

Our commitment to you is to be the most affordable and highest quality fresh dog food available. We’ve seen what fresh food can do for dogs and want as many pet parents as possible to experience these life-changing benefits.

Many of our pet parents tell us they start seeing positive changes in their dogs health within the first few weeks and months. 

Most tell us they notice smaller stools, a healthier and shinier coat, more energy and stronger vitality within the first few months.

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